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薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級


薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰海南-三亞 食宿︰提供食宿

1、Daily inspection andrectification of all public areas in relation to your trade. 每日檢查和調整有關本職工作的所有公共區。 2、Complete work orders as requestedby the Shift Engineer or Chief Engineer in relation to your trade and otherdirectives to meet customer requirements. 完成值班工程師或者工程總監委派與本職工作有關的任務以及其它客人的要求事項。 3、Attend to all types of repair andmaintenance work in the Hotel premises, including any new additions /extensions to the Hotel or any other properties maintained by the Hotel. 參與酒店所有的維修和維護工作, 包括進行酒店因更新或擴展而委派的工作。 4、Carry out any minor repairs toguest rooms or public areas. 完成客房或公共區域的任何一般性的維修。 5、Ensure bins are cleaned atappropriate times. 在交班前確保有新的清潔貨品。 6、Perform all routine preventativemaintenance and curative maintenance. 完成每日所擔任工作的報告。 ?

薪資︰ 3千-5千 經驗︰3年以上 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰上海 食宿︰提供食宿

Scope of PositionCarry out repair, painting and maintenance to Building & Fixture, Masonry works, Carpentry, Wall Paper, and general trade works in and around Hotel & Apartment surrounding.Requirements                    Apprenticeship in carpentry trade with good workmanship skill. Must be able to read and write local language                             At least 2 years Hotel experienceAt least 5 years of experience in decoration works.Ability to perform general carpentry works.Good knowledge of painting and varnishing skillsAble to perform masonry works.Excellent overall communication skillsThe ability to work independently with good interpersonal skills                            職責範圍在酒店和公寓範圍內,執行對所有建築和設備、泥瓦工程、木器、牆紙和綜合工作的修理、粉刷及維護。職位要求                    木工學徒,擁有好的技能。必須能夠使用本地語言讀寫      至少兩年酒店工作經驗 擁有至少五年做裝飾工作的經驗                                          良好的木匠技能良好的油漆粉刷技能良好的泥水匠技能出色的交流能力能獨立工作並具備良好的人際交往能力

薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級


薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級


薪資︰ 2.5千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰江西-南昌 食宿︰提供食宿

任職要求1.自然條件︰18- 45 周歲。2. 文化程度︰初中及以上學歷;3. 工作經驗︰有相關工作經驗者優先。4. 語言能力︰溝通表達能力可。崗位職責1.有同崗位工作經驗者優先。2.掌握裝修、裝潢的基本知識,並具有一定的審美能力;3.熱愛本職工作,努力學習技術,不斷提高業務水平,做到一專多能,舉止文明禮貌;4.身體健康,精力充沛,熱愛學習。

薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級


薪資︰ 4千-5千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰上海 食宿︰提供食宿

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES 主要職責 To continually support and improve engineering services that effectively address problems affecting both guests and colleagues連續支持和改進工程方面的服務以對應客人和同事的問題。To be willing to train and instruct other members of the staff by passing along knowledge and skills to assist them in their development and the advancement of your own。願意通過傳授自已的知識技能來培訓和指導其它同事,得以發展和改進。To strive to become an independent mechanic, able to analyze problems and to formulate plans to get work done quickly with a high degree of quality。努力成為能獨立工作的機械工,能夠分析問題,並能提出又快又好的工作方案。The Hotel functions 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  All colleagues must realize this fact and be aware that at times it may be necessary to move colleagues from their accustomed shifts as business demands.  In addition, it is understood that business determines the amount of hours that are worked, and that some weeks may be scheduled at less than 40 hours, and other weeks at more than 40 hours.酒店每周營業7天,每天24小時。所有同事都必須明白根據業務需要可能會有輪班調整。因為業務量決定我們的工作時間的長短,所以有的周可能不足40小時,有的則可能在超過40小時。Public Areas - repairing and/or adjusting all types HVAC equipment.公共區域︰修理調整各種HVAC(加熱/通風/空調)設施Fire  Alarm/Life Safety System - to monitor systems as necessary, to be fully informed of the system operation and to handle emergencies involving the systems.  To have a working knowledge of fire sprinkler and emergency power systems.火警警報/生命安全系統︰按需要監視系統,徹底了解系統操作,並能在緊急情況下使用。懂得消防噴淋系統及緊急能源系統的工作常識.Energy  Conservation - to observe energy and utilities usage in the hotel and on the grounds.  To look for ways to conserve energy and report any ideas to the Engineering Management.節能︰觀察酒店內外的能源利用情況,尋找節能方法,並將建議反映給工程管理層。REQUIREMENTS 職位要求Language Skills 語言技巧Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules (i.e., Lockout Tagout, JSAs), Safety Awareness information (such as MSDS) operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.  Ability to write routine reports, keep logs, and correspondence. Ability to speak effectively with customers and colleagues.能讀懂安全規則、安全知識資料、操作保養說明以及操作手冊,能寫日常報告、記錄及信件,能有效地與客人和其他同事進行交談。     Job Skill/ Knowledge 工作技能/知識   Rough & finish carpentry 粗制木匠活與拋光木匠活 Wall vinyl塑料壁布Laminate層壓板Drywall/Taping/Floating干牆貼帶鏝 Carpet地毯Furniture touch up & repair家具修飾及修理Tile (ceramic, quarry, VCT, marble)花磚(瓷的、粗可的、VCT(塑料的)的、大理石的)Roofing inspection, P.M., and repairs屋頂檢查,防護保養及維修Masonry repair磚瓦維修

薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰浙江-杭州 食宿︰提供食宿

 MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES 責任概要︰Follow relevant regulations strictly to ensure equipments in hotel running normally.        嚴格遵守有關規章制度 確保酒店的設備的正常運行。Ensures that all staffs deliver the brand promise and provide exceptional guest service at all times.       確保所有員工遵循品牌承諾並始終提供優異的對客服務。Ensure staffs also provide excellent service to internal customers in other departments as appropriate.       確保員工同樣在適當的時候為其他部門的內部客人提供優質服務。Handles all guest and internal customer complaints and inquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, following through to make sure problems are resolved satisfactorily.       禮貌而高效地處理所有客人和內部客人的投訴和詢問,確保問題得到圓滿解決。Handles guest and staff enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst feeding back a prompt follow up.友善、有效地解決顧客和員工的問題,對于他們的投訴和提出的問題如不能當時解決,應匯報給上級,並迅速跟進及時反饋結果。Maintain positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.       與顧客和同事要有良好的合作關系。  SPECIFIC DUTIES 工作任務︰Execute the repair, maintenance and engineering operations according to the departmental standards維修,保養和工程設備操作工作要與部門營運要求相一致Properly handles and maintains all electrical facilities and tools.合理的使用和維護所有電氣設施和工具 Accepts and is willing to perform general maintenance activities outside of the original routine scope of trade training具備社會認可並頒發的培訓或相關資格證件,可勝任並自願地執行綜合維修的工作安排Assist the Engineer to finish daily tasks, so that the electronic system can run trustworthily.協助工程師完成每天工作分派,確保電子系統可靠運作,以及消防設備安全。Keep daily running record of A/C,Elect, and Plumbing equipments according to the arrangement of the supervisor.根據主管的安排認真做好每日的空調、電器、機械設備運行記錄。To do the maintenance of the equipments according to the working plan. Make detailed record regarding on the repairing and maintenance.按照工作計劃完成對設備的維修保養。並作好相應的詳細的記錄。On duty person must execute strictly the operation procedure to prevent accidents.當班人員要嚴格執行各項操作規程,防止事故發生。Daily patrol must be executed strictly to eliminate insecurity factor and solve the defect & problem timely.認真執行日常巡檢,消除不安全因素,及時排除故障。Maintain the working area in good condition in terms of neatness & orderliness.保持工作場地的整齊整潔。Accept other assignments instructed by the building service  engineer and supervisor.隨時接受值班工程師和主管安排的其他工作。To keep good care of drawing, tools & establishes used on duty.保存好當班所用的圖紙、工具和設施。Follow concerned fire fighting regulation of the hotel when use the fire to weld.動明火焊接工作時,必須遵守酒店有關消防規定。 Provide good service at all times.隨時隨地提供良好的服務。Pay attention to the dressing and wearing when entering the guestrooms.注意進入客房維修保養時要注意儀表儀容。Make detailed record regarding on the work completed or not completed in working hours when shift handover.交接班時要詳細記錄工作情況。Attend training sessions and meetings as and when required.參加必要的培訓和例會。Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.完成其他合理分配的職責和任務。18.Complete the other reasonable duties assigned by HRM.完成上司分配的其他合理工作。  JOB SPECIFICATION 職位要求︰Profile   of Competency工作能力︰  Basic AC, Elect and Plumbing principals , decorations, fire control , AV and related computer        skills.      基本空調、電器原理,給排水,裝飾技能,消防,AV及有關計算知識Be familiar with        preventive maintenance schedule, test and trouble-shooting of air condition and refrigerating installation.      熟知冷、暖空調和冷凍裝備之保養計劃、試驗、檢查故障方法和維修技能Be        familiar with the anticorrosion methods on tubes, copper, air-condition and other kinds of pipes.      熟知軟管、銅管、空調水管道及喉管等之預防腐蝕方法Be familiar with the        AC, Elect, Plumbing, fire control, safety actions and regulations.      熟知空調、電器, 機械及消防安全措施及守則 Language   語言能力︰-   普通話Standard   Chinese PronunciationEducation教育︰-   職高畢業   Above high school

薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰湖北-武漢 食宿︰不提供食宿


薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰天津 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰上海 食宿︰提供食宿

Celebrate the joy of life at Kerry Hotel, Pudong, the first of a new class of luxury hotels from the Shangri-La Group. With a premier city-center location and cutting-edge facilities, your stay is engaging at every turn.Kerry Hotel Pudong offers 574 guestrooms and suites while boasting some of Shanghai’s most spacious and advanced conference and banqueting facilities. For work-life balance, we offer a well-equipped hotel sports and recreational facility in Shanghai, featuring vast exercise and spa options. The bon vivant in you would truly appreciate the exquisite cuisine orchestrated by renowned chefs across 3 restaurants. Top this off with a microbrewery, serving unique, handcrafted beers, and you may not see much of your room.When night (or day) comes, you have the choice of spacious rooms and suites, plus serviced suites in The Residences at Kerry Parkside, just next to the hotel. Even getting to the hotel is a joy. At Kerry Hotel Pudong, you soon realize there are no rules, only possibilities. We are currently looking for a Service Associate Engineer to join our Engineering team. Summary Responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the hotel's guest rooms, public places, guest areas, and logistics areas, such as carpentry, paint, wallpaper, carpet, floor, tiles, hardware, electrical, etc., and ensure that the quality of work meets the standards. Provide service to hotel guests in a quick, courteous and positive manner to make them happy and satisfied. Requirements - Presentable - Communication skills - Good Health - Articulate - Ability to work independently - Working experience in Engineering area 上海浦東嘉里大酒店是香格里拉酒店集團旗下首家嘉里品牌酒店,在此您將體驗到別樣的驚喜和生活的無窮樂趣。酒店位于浦東核心腹地, 一應俱全的先進設施、獨特簡約的設計與熱情自然的服務使其成為現代靈動生活的富集之地。設備精良的健身場所,覆蓋3層6,000平方米 上海浦東嘉里大酒店擁有574間客房及套房,超過8500平方米的會議室及宴會場地。酒店開設了總面積達6000平方米的健身俱樂部,提供豐富的健身及Spa護理項目,致力于為賓客營造一個工作和生活相均衡的環境。鐘愛美食的您可在酒店的三家餐廳盡情探索令人興奮的料理精選。而在圓滿的一天結束之際,再沒有比到釀酒坊品嘗一杯釀酒大師手工制作的新鮮啤酒更好的選擇了。夜幕降臨時分,無論您選擇下榻于寬敞的客房和套房,抑或入住毗鄰酒店的浦東嘉里城公寓,豪華舒適的享受從不分白晝與黑夜。在浦東嘉里大酒店,您會很快意識到這里沒有慣例,一切皆有可能。 工作概述 負責對酒店的客房、公共場所、客區、後勤區域的木工、油漆、牆紙、地毯、地板、磁磚、五金件、電氣等進行維修和保養並保證工作質量符合標準,以快捷、禮貌和積極的態度為酒店客人提供服務,使客人喜悅和滿意。 崗位要求 - 溝通能力- 身體健康- 語音清晰- 工作獨立性- 抗壓能力- 工程領域相關技能  

薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級

   1.              All work must be  carried out according to SSOP of Engineering  所有的工作必須按照《標準安全操作規程》進行。      2.              Carry out daily  repair according to the work order on time.  日常的維修工作按照《維修單》執行。      3.              Carry out  Maintenance and the repair plan of the building and facilities related  facilities of the building issues.  執行酒店的建築設施及相關設備設施的預防性維修保養計劃。      4.              Report to Duty  Engineer when the work can’t be completed.  當不能完成任務時要及時地向主管匯報。      5.              Carry out the works  as arranged by superior of Engineering  執行工程部領導安排的工作。      6.              Ensure work quality  to meet hotel standards.  確保工作質量符合酒店的要求。      7.              Keep the work place  clean and tidy, paying attention to fire.  保持工作區域干淨整潔並注意安全防火。      8.              Perform other tasks  as assigned by superior of Engineering Department.  履行工程部領導所指派的其它任務。   1.        Attend scheduled  training, department meetings.參加部門所安排的培訓、部門會議。2.        Participate  actively in hotel activities.積極參加酒店所組織的活動。3.        Ensure personal  appearance and grooming is suitable to hotel standard.確保個人的儀容儀表符合酒店標準。4.        Adheres to the  provisions outlined in the Employee’s Handbook, Rules and Regulations.遵守員工手冊的規章制度。5.        Ensure correct  usage of material and minimize wastage確保正確利用材料,杜絕能源浪費。6.        REQUIRED SKILLS  & COMPETENCIES: Adaptability/Flexibility, Customer service orientation,  Teamwork / Cooperation, Writing  skills, Oral skills(Listening/Speaking/understanding), Knowledge of  building maintenance and repair, Analytical thinking, Integrity / initiative,  Fluency in Mandarin.所需的技巧技能︰適應性/靈活性,顧客服務意識,團隊精神,寫作能力,口語表現能力,建築物維修知識,分析能力,誠實,普通話流利。7.        The management  reserves the right to change / extend this job description if necessary at  any point of time during her / his employment.如有必要,該部門有權更改或補充該職位描述。8.        Execute the project  responsibilities in the hotel project team(s).加入酒店的項目工作組時,認真履行相應職責。9.        Ad hoc assignment  from the hotel management.完成酒店管理層交代的其他任務。       

薪資︰ 4千-5千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰精品酒店
地區︰海南-三亞 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 2.5千-3.2千 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰廣東-清遠 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰四川-成都 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 3.5千-4千 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰山東-濟南 食宿︰提供食宿

Attends to repairs and painting of all surface walls, floors, facades, ceilings and equipment both indoor and outdoor with either enamel or emulsion paint as required to match existing finish..負責維修及所有牆面,地板、外牆、天花板和設備的內外瓷漆或乳膠漆的上漆,以配合現有的未道漆。Attends to varnishing items such a doors, windows, timber panels and furniture.負責門,窗,木材板和家具物品的上漆。Responsible for preparation of all surfaces prior to painting or varnishing.負責所有表面在油漆或上漆之前的準備工作。Carries out spray painting of equipment, furniture or related surfaces as required.根據要求進行設備,家具或相關表面的噴漆。Attends to repairs of damaged / cracked surfaces which may include concrete, plastering, stonework, block work, wall and floor ceramic tiling and marble works.負責維修損壞/破裂的表面,其包括混凝土、抹灰、石雕、預制切塊體、牆壁和地板瓷磚及大理石制品。Attends to repair / installation of vinyl floor tiles, false ceilings.負責維修/安裝乙烯塑料地板,假天花板。Attends building repair and maintenance work in the Hotel premises including any new additions / extensions to the Hotel or any other properties maintained by the Hotel.負責酒店內的維修工作,包括酒店的任何新的補充/擴展或酒店維修的任何物業事項。Participates in Hotel Energy Conservation Program.參加酒店節能計劃。

薪資︰ 3千-4千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰全服務中檔酒店/4星級
地區︰河南-鄭州 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰山東-青島 食宿︰提供食宿

洲際?酒店及度假村的使命是讓賓客尊享豪華國際旅行體驗。那正是您發揮作用之處。當您成為洲際酒店及度假村品牌的一員,您擁有的不僅僅是一個頭餃。如果您與Ben一樣熱衷潛水,並享受徒步旅行,您身上就具備我們看重的品質——也就是讓您與眾不同的那些個人天賦、愛好與夢想。洲際酒店及度假村正在尋找Ben這樣的人才︰富有魅力,睿智自信,有著國際化的眼界和思維方式,知道如何超越客人的期望。屢獲殊榮的青島海爾洲際酒店座落于青島旅游新地標-奧林匹克帆船中心內的美麗海濱,酒店周邊餐飲、購物、娛樂場所鱗次櫛比,帆船之都青島最富盛名的帆船和游艇體驗距酒店僅一步之遙。酒店傲立于青島商業中心區黃金地帶,縱覽青島壯麗城市海岸線。酒店擁有422間客房及套房,5間時尚特色餐廳與酒吧,2000余平方米室內會議區,滿足商旅及休閑賓客的需要,同時酒店還為社交聚會及團隊建設活動提供多種特色戶外活動場地選擇。青島海爾洲際酒,以其現代奢華的設施與深諳當地而富有魅力的員工為世界各地賓客帶來本地最佳的難忘停居體驗。 加入我們的團隊,成為青島海爾洲際酒店的裝修工。您必須有抱負,有天賦,當然也需要具備一些重要的技能。因為對于這個重要職位,我們尋找的合適人選需要????你按照洲際酒店集團標準,1.參加酒店節能計劃2.負責酒店內的維修工作,包括酒店的任何新的補充/擴展或酒店維修的任何物業事項3.負責維修/安裝乙烯塑料地板,假天花板4.根據要求進行設備、家具或相關表面的噴漆工作。我們希望我們的候選人具有中專以上文化程度,了解關注職責並遵守各種IHG政策及程序相關的工作場所的衛生與安全,?熟悉物業安全,急救和消防應急程序,安全而合理的操作設備,根據酒店的要求,記錄安全事件及事故,確保工作間和相關區域的整潔狀況。作為努力工作的回報,您將享受優渥的薪酬和福利,此外,由于您的職業生涯將與您自身一樣獨一無二,我們將根據您的需求有針對性地提供各種支持,為您的入職締造一個良好的開端,讓您融入團隊並獲得成長的空間。洲際酒店集團在全球100多個國家經營著4,900余家酒店,洲際酒店及度假村品牌就隸屬于洲際酒店集團旗下。加入我們的團隊之後,您還將享有這家成功的全球酒店集團帶來的眾多機遇。何不選擇加入我們,在工作中盡炫自我?訪問下列網址,立即了解更多有關加入我們團隊的信息www.ihgjobs.cn /www.ihgjobs.hk / www.ihgjobs.tw?

薪資︰ 4千-5千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰全服務中檔酒店/4星級
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 崗位職責︰    1、嚴格按工作程序,保證維修單、工作指令單上規定的工作盡快地完成。    2、負責酒店裝飾、裝潢的維修工作︰      酒店各區域的家具、木制固定設施的維修、維護;      天花、玻璃、鏡具、標志牌的維護保養;     各種砌築工程、地面貼面修補、牆面刷白、天花批灰、刷 白、屋面牆面補漏;       其他裝飾裝潢工作。   3、完成領導安排的其他工作任職條件︰  1、有強烈的工作責任心,熱愛本職工作。    2、掌握裝修、裝潢的基本知識。    3、掌握各種裝修材料的工藝特性和操作方法,較熟練地掌握木器維修、修補牆紙等基本技藝。  4、具有從事裝修工作經驗。  5、身體健康,精力充沛。

薪資︰ 2千-3千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
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薪資︰ 2千-3千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰江甦-連雲港 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 面議 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國內高端酒店/5星級
地區︰廣東-江門 食宿︰提供食宿


薪資︰ 3.8千-4.5千 經驗︰不限 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級


薪資︰ 4千-5千 經驗︰1年以上 企業類型︰國際高端酒店/5星級
地區︰北京 食宿︰提供食宿

Improve the daily departmental operation efficiency and quality.提高本部門之日常維修操作效率和質量 Regular check all kinds of electrical devices and lighting equipment.定期檢查各類電氣裝置及照明燈具設備 Record down the readings and loads of the electrical meters on fixed time.完成定時用電計量抄表、負荷統計工作 Carrying out the daily preventive maintenance schedule of all electrical equipment and devices according to team leader and duty engineer’s instructions.根據上級指示,執行對各類電氣設備及裝置之日常預防保養和維修工作 Complete relevant work orders of other departments. Change the bulb with the identical type, appearance, colour temperature as the broken one.完成各部門有關之施工單,更換燈泡時要保持型號、外觀、色溫統一 Check the lighting equipment and timers, and adjust in time.查驗燈光設備及時間控制裝置,並及時進行調校 Regular check the electrical insulation and tighten the screw of laundry equipment.定期查驗洗衣房設備的電氣絕緣及緊固電氣原件螺絲 Regular check the electrical insulation of the kitchen equipment, the refrigerators and connection of the electric wire.定期查驗廚房設備、冰箱等電氣絕緣和接線情況 Check the running status of the water pump motors and the insulation of electric wire.檢查水泵馬達的運行和絕緣情況 Complete any reasonable request made of ENG which is not life threatening or against the law.對工程部指出的任何不危及生命安全或違背法律的要求應予以執行。 

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